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Interactive Media
Sunday Minor is a musical interactive music experience. I created and recorded the music and coded the piece using Action Script.
Games for Change
Zap Cancer is a mobile game that puts the power to zap cancer in everyones hands. Part visualization part bubble pop game, user points raise money for organizations researching the cause of cancer. (currently under development)
Game Design
SlipStream is a 180 degree projected video game installation. Personality tests within the game play create a generative sound track and unique hero's adventure for each player. SlipStream uses an iPhone for a game controller. At the end of the adventure, users are provided a motion comic output on their mobile device. SlipStream was a group Master's Thesis project at CSUEB.
User Experience & Testing
As a co founder of AppSynth Media I had the opportunity to merge my public opinion research background with UI/UX Design and user testing for mobile application development.
crowdSTEM.com is a projected funded by a grant from the CSUEB STEM Institute. The system crowd sources Science, Technology, Engineering & Math activities for youth.

Welcome to my portfolio

I am an Oakland based multi media artist and professor looking to change the world - one game at a time.